Interservice Club Ambassador Award

About the Interservice Club

The InterService Club is comprised of members of the various service clubs in the Phoenixville, PA area. Each year a banquet is held to increase brotherhood among the members and to present the Ambassador Award. The award is to honor an individual for outstanding contributions to the community, state or nation and to his/her respective service club. This award goes to a local resident who has shown a commitment to community service in the area of politics, education, business, community organizations, sports, medicine, research or cultural initiatives.

History of the Interservice Club

On Thursdays, gentlemen from the Phoenixville Lions: Joseph Rudick (former editor of The Daily Republican newspaper, now known as The Phoenix), Wright Miller, Austin Messere and Richard Rosmos played golf at Kimberton Golf Course. Joseph Rudick came up with the idea that it would be nice to get all the service clubs together for one day. The group of men proposed the idea to the Phoenixville Lions Club and they thought it was a good idea. So all the clubs at that time were notified and they agreed. As a result, the InterService Club was started in 1962. It started as a golf outing and there would be a dinner served at Kimberton Golf Course in the evening. The event attracted both local club members and non members. There were prizes given to the golfers at that time. In the beginning, there were no awards given at the dinner. A couple of years later, it was decided that an award would be given to someone from Phoenixville who promoted Phoenixville outside of the community, when it was not their job to do so. This is how the InterService Club got started over fifty years ago. Over the years the golfers dwindled. The golf event was eventually dropped but the InterService Club Banquet continues to this day.

Ambassador Award Winners

1964 Dr. Michael Dooley & Dr. Vincent Ciacci
1965 Soroptimist Club
1966 Dorothy Pennypacker
1967 John Pierce
1968 Dr. Lola Reed
1969 Donald Coppedge
1970 John Stevens
1971 Elizabeth Jeitles
1972 John Stauffer
1973 David Frees, Jr.
1974 Drake “Tiny” Pharr
1975 Russell Emrich
1976 Roger Rapp
1977 Furman Gyge
1978 Frederick Shoemaker
1979 Angie Jaworski
1980 Joseph Rudick
1981 Andre Thornton
1982 Jack Hartman
1983 Claude Nauss
1984 Thomas Benning
1985 Ed McDaniel

1986 Virginia Sullivan
1988 Margaret Kelly
1989 Stanley Rockey
1990 Richard Rosmos
1991 Lois Gould
1992 Helen Rae Grover
1993 Ace Wilson
1994 Matt Shapiro
1995 Ken Wickstrom
1996 Jennifer Phillips
1997 Barry Messere
1998 Richard A. Kunsch, Sr.
1999 Emmett Gruici
2000 Ted Michaels
2001 Pete Bamberger
2002 George Hinkle
2003 Peggy Keenan
2004 Wayne Wisdom
2005 Betsy Amalong
2006 Emma Valenteen
2007 Tammy Klotzbach

2007 Tammy Klotzbach
2008 Dot Wood
2009 Betsy Fisher
2010 Cheryl Messere
2011 Mary Elizabeth “Mib” Campbell
2012 April Klotzbach
2013 Dorothy Claudy
2014 Jim Kovleski
2015 George E. Mansur